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RV Computer Desk: How To Make A DIY Computer Workstation For Your RV Office

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By Curtis

Many new RVs come with a convenient little desk or designated spot already installed that makes online life quick and easy when you’re on the road.

But there are many older RVs still on the road without this handy built-in feature.

If you have an older RV, you can install a simple — and inexpensive — gadget to make your digital life on the road a whole lot better.



Typical RV Computer Needs

I rely on my full-sized, desktop computer to crank out all of my online day-to-day business needs. Everything important is stored within.

I only use a small laptop or my smartphone whenever I’m away from my main computer.

Recently I moved into a 37-foot older motorhome that serves as my base of operations for everything RV. That includes:

  • writing
  • keeping records
  • corresponding with friends, family, and business associates by email

My computer is pretty much my life.

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Where To Put The RV Computer Workstation

As much as I need my computer, looking at it as the main focal point in my RV living room is something I’d rather not do.

Giving up the kitchen table also seemed to be a poor choice of options.

I tried a new laptop and, within days, found it so aggravating since the newest version of Windows is totally different from any previous versions. I boxed it up and took it back for a refund.

My old school ways got the best of me, and I decided that I need to have my desktop computer easily accessible on the RV.

The bedroom seemed the logical place.


DIY RV Computer Desk / Office

rv-computer-desk-wall-bracketsBy installing 2 short pieces of standard shelf mounting brackets and purchasing 2 short lengths of shelf material, I created a simple 2-tier desk located along the side of my bed.

The computer monitor rests on the narrower top shelf, and the wider bottom shelf holds the keyboard.

Knock down and set up time is streamlined to about 5 minutes, so it’s no big deal to close the RV closet door that contains the hard drive and slide the monitor and keyboard away in another closet.

The printer, which I seldom need, is also stashed in open closet space as well.

rv-computer-closet  rv-computer-printer-closet

With everything tucked away, I can motor down the road with no fear of damaging any electronic components. And should I have an overnight guest, the bedroom still looks completely like a bedroom.

When I park the RV for the night — or stay a few days — I can set up the office space in minutes and very comfortably take care of business.

On days like today, when the skies are watering the grass endlessly, I can sit in comfort on the side of my bed and get all my work done. So when the sun does return, I can be outside enjoying it.

That, my friends, is good time management!


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