RV Office Requirements If You Want To Take Your Job On The Road


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An RV office will take you one step farther than your home office does.

Sure, the home office has eliminated the commute to work, but why not make your office portable and just stay on vacation all the time?

Do you already have an home business that could easily be taken on the road? Good. Then you’re ready to load up the RV and hit the road.

If not, then consider these options:

Here are lots of fun ways to make money while you’re RVing.

The most important thing for your mobile RV office is being able to maintain access to some basic office electronics and services like a computer, Internet & faxing services, a digital camera, and a cell phone.

Here’s exactly what you need to know before you take your RV office on the road…


RV Office Necessities

With a generator (or a set of solar panels) on your RV, you can be miles out in the wilderness and still take care of business while RVing. You actually have a number of different RV power sources available to you.

These are the bare necessities that you will need for your mobile RV office:



Of course, your computer won’t just be used for work when you’re RVing. Here are the top 10 uses for a computer in your RV.


Internet Access

Here’s how to get better wireless Internet reception in an RV by using antennas.



Digital Camera


Fax, Scan & Print Services


Phone Service


RV Office Examples

Want to model your mobile RV office after someone else who’s found the best setup?

Here are some examples of RV mobile offices that get the job done:

Did you know that Cruise America rents mobile office RVs? (Here’s one guy who turned a rented RV into a mobile office …and created a whole business around it!)

Your RV office can do so much more than just pay your bills or handle personal correspondence. You might even choose a new career; one that better fits the traveling lifestyle. Who knows? Maybe you would like to be a journalist and write RV articles from the road… Sorry, that one’s mine!

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