What Makes Monaco So Different?

by Lynnette

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monaco-picture.jpg According to Kay Toolson, CEO of Monaco Coach Corporation:

At Monaco Coach Corporation, we’ve built our reputation by thinking outside the box, doing things differently, and exceeding your expectations. We’re different by design and proud of it.”

See what else makes Monaco different…

24/7/365 Service — Technical support is just a phone call away, and no matter what time you call, you’ll always get a live person on the phone who can help. Plus, there are 350 Monaco service centers, and you get one free year of roadside assistance when you purchase a new Monaco RV!

Roadmaster Chassis — Every chassis is custom engineered and built from the ground up for each specific model and floorplan, ensuring that everything works together seamlessly. By completely integrating the design and assembly process from start to finish, superior accountability and total control is maintained at all times. (See video.)

Innovation — Monaco’s engineering and design teams work closely with the industry’s leading suppliers to develop and test new comfort features. Some examples:

  • Smart Wheel: You never have to take your hands off the wheel since switches for cruise control, windshield wipers and lights are right at your fingertips
  • Dual Fuel Fill: You can pull up to the gas pump on whichever side you want
  • Eaton Vorad: A sophisticated system of sensors, software and radars that track potential hazards — even on curved roads. It automatically adjusts your speed to match that of slower moving vehicles in front of you, to ensure that you maintain a safe following distance
  • Aladdin Monitoring System: Dozens of important engine and coach features are monitored and the results appear in your rear vision and TV monitors
  • See Vision: A futuristic system that eliminates blind spots while you drive and also serves as a 360-degree security system while you are parked
  • Adjustable Brake & Accelerator Pedals: They move up and down at the touch of a button, for enhanced ergonomics and greater comfort