Full Time RVers: How To Simplify Your Life & Declutter Your RV

by Curtis

Fulltime RVing, Moving, Space And Storage Issues

living-in-an-rvAre you giving some serious thought to becoming a full time RVer?

Life on the road sounds fun doesn’t it?

The biggest thing for new full time RVers to wrap their head around is how drastically you must downsize and reduce your lifelong addiction to “stuff.”


Learn How To Live With Less

Learning how to live simply within the confines of an RV doesn’t come naturally.

It takes making a few mistakes before you really get comfortable with the notion that less is more.

I don’t mean a little less, I mean 95% — or more — less!

There are other pitfalls to becoming a full time RVer, but rest assured as you go along you will be leaving more and more behind.

As time goes by, you will further realize that you can get by just fine without it, and that storage space is more valuable than the things.


Keep Your RV Storage Compartments Uncluttered

After bouncing down the back roads to get to that special secluded camping spot, you are likely to find everything inside your RV is a jumbled mess.

Nothing is where you neatly placed it before hitting the road!

It’s time to look at how your RV storage space is being used.

RV storage solutions can be as simple as using plastic totes to keep small items contained in one place, or adding some shelf dividers (or divider walls) between doors in your overhead storage cupboards.


One Handy Tips For Your RV Cabinets

Our Dutchman travel trailer came with multiple doors on the overhead storage, but it was all one open common space.

Whenever we hit the brakes, everything would slide forward an become a jumbled mess.

By adding some thin plywood divider walls in the overhead cabinets, each cabinet door now led to its own separate storage compartment — keeping everything neat and in place as we drove in the RV.

Here are my 7 best RV storage solutions for fulltime RVers.


RV Storage Ideas From Other RVers