How To Prepare For Winter RV Camping – It’s Cozier Than Summer RV Camping

by Curtis

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winter-rv-living-by-j2davis2005.jpg Winter RV living takes a little more effort than camping in the summertime, but it’s definitely doable.

Winter camping – you’re guaranteed some tough times, fighting the battle for preservation even in a $200,000 motorhome. But the solitude alone is worth it. The untouched scenery ain’t bad, either, especially if an afternoon snowshoeing excursion is in the game plan. However, tackling Mother Nature at her blustery worst isn’t for everyone.  Source

We lived comfortably in a large 5th wheel RV for 2 years and in a motorhome through one winter.

Both times, there was plenty of snow and temperatures dropped down to well below zero.



The Most Important Things You Can Do:

What better excuse to snuggle up to each other than to have a cold winter night with the wind howling and the snow falling?  A little romance can make winter RV camping just as much fun as in the summer!


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