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Driving an RV is very different than driving a car! Here are 12 important first-time RV driving tips for newbies to learn before renting an RV - or buying one.

RVers share personal experiences & tips for renting an RV. What you can expect when you rent, RV rental costs & fees, where to rent an RV near you, and more

A lifetime RVer's thoughts on buying a teardrop camper vs. building one yourself vs. renting a teardrop trailer. However you do it, a teardrop is a lightweight RV that's easy to tow!

6 important things you need to know before renting an RV for the first time! Plus tips to help you become familiar with everything that's in (and on) an RV.

Tips for keeping the family ties strong -- whether the relatives live across town or on the other side of the country. If you're taking your RV to a relative's home, here are some things to keep in mind!

Whether you intend to eventually buy an RV at some point or not, renting an RV is always good idea ...and a FUN one, too. It might also be the best course of action before you purchase a motorhome of your own.