No More Fleetwood Travel Trailers

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Fleetwood travel trailers have officially become limited edition RVs.

On March 9, 2009 Fleetwood stopped producing new travel trailers.




Here’s the scoop…

From the Fleetwood website:

Thank you for your interest in Fleetwood Travel Trailers. On March 9, 2009, Fleetwood made the decision to exit the travel trailer business.

While we will no longer produce new travel trailer products, several Fleetwood dealers still have a variety of our travel trailers and fifth wheels available for purchase.

Please feel free to use this website to research our entire product line and to locate a Fleetwood dealer near you."


UPDATE: While Fleetwood travel trailers are no longer being built, Fleetwood motorhomes are still going strong!

Here’s an update from the Fleetwood RV company:

For over 60 years, Fleetwood has lead the way in the RV industry with its products, innovations, warranty and customer service. The new Fleetwood RV continues to uphold those same principles today. We are back… and stronger than ever.



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21 thoughts on “No More Fleetwood Travel Trailers

  1. Just recently purchased 2008 Pioneer Spirit travel trailer and the walls of the shower are the exact same as the rest of the interior walls. I’m very concerned about this and hope you can help ease my mind. Are all the walls waterproof??

    1. Jan, Your walls are water “resistant”. Meaning they are covered with a vinyl layer that helps keep water from penetrating the material. In my opinion this is a low buck way for manufacturers to say their RV has a full bathroom. You can get away with occasionally using the shower, but regular use is likely to cause water damage. I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear.

  2. after looking aaaalllll  over the web for a manual for a 99 terry travel trailer… i now see that fleetwood no longer in in the travel tralier biz… can anyone tell me how to get one or where to find one?  we just bout this unit (used) not in terribly bad shape ( one light needs to be replaced in the seating area and we will need to replace the foldout  canvases (2- it’s the hybrid) but have nothing more than a general manual for most any travel traler. really would like to find a more detailed manual for this specific model. help! anyone please!

  3. Karen, It’s very unlikely you will be able to find a manual specific to your RV.  Sadly, even if you found one, it’s unlikely it would be of any use for obtaining new canvases.  The best I can suggest is that most of the appliances in your RV are standard with most other brands of trailer too.  Because of that you can probably obtain manuals for the appliances through their manufacturer.  The canvases most likely can be made for you by a local canvas shop that makes custom covers for boats or a furniture upholstery shop.

  4. I am in need of a owners manual for my RV. It is a 2004 Fleetwood Triumph 5th wheel 365BSQS.
    It is 37 ft with 4 slides. If you can help please call 325-388-6049.

  5. Is THIS the reward for DECADES of owner loyalty ?
    You COULD have set up a repository of information on the internet for the TENS OF THOUSANDS of camper and trailer owners.
    Instead we were left to WALLOW in the remains of a DISINTEGRATING , UNCARING ” FORMER ” dealer network when seeking such MISSION CRITICAL INFORMATION as PARTS NUMBERS and MODEL SCHEMATICS.
    Thanks for leaving ALL OF US in a WORLD of swirling SHIT.

  6. My husband and myself just purchased a 2004 Pioneer 18 ft. We can’t find a manual anywhere online. (We have for appliances, heater etc, but none for the travel trailer itself) The 2006 is the same, is there any way I could get a copy of your manual? [email protected]

  7. i’m looking for the VIN number on our fleetwood terry fifth wheel it’s a 1991, any information? also, need a manual.

    1. The likelihood of you Finding a manual for your mortor home is pretty much nil.
      Generally RV manuals are of little or minimal use. As for the appliances and items within your motorhome information can be gained from those manufacturers usually online .

    2. just call fleetwood , they do not have it on their website and although the do not manufacture them they are so helpful and will email it to you as they did foe me and a few other people on the internet

  8. I just bought a 1991 Prowler 29L but it didn’t come with keys for the doors or compartments. Any idea how I can get keys?

    1. The storage compartment key number is CH751, Any RV dealer would have them in stock. The door key lock should have a manufacturer name on it. An RV dealer should be able to get you a master key for the regular door lock. The dead bolt is one of a kind so you probably can’t get that key. The other choice would be to replace the door locket.

  9. This is my first camper and the manual for the 1991 29L Prowler was not included. Any advice on buttons or switches to check or position prior to plugging it in to electricity, water and gas?

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