Living In An RV

So you’ve decided to live full time in your RV… Congratulations! Here, RVers are sharing their favorite tips for downsizing your life (and all your stuff) so it fits into your new RVing lifestyle. Here’s everything you need to know about living in an RV full time — from filing taxes to getting health care & RV insurance, forwarding mail, cooking, banking, traveling with pets, and working on the road. And if you’re going to be spending holidays on the road, we’ve even got fun decorating & food ideas to help you enjoy the seasons and celebrate the holidays from the comfort of your RV!

Fun Christmas Ornaments For RVers

Check out these adorable RV, motorhome, and 5th wheel recreational vehicles in the form of Christmas ornaments. Most of them can also be personalized!

To The RVers Who Are Spending The Holidays On The Road… Again

Spending the holidays on the road this year?… You’re not alone. This is my short & sweet tribute to RVers who spend a lot of time on the road — including the Christmas holiday. Just a couple of fun photos that help to captivate the wintertime moments that many RVers have grown accustomed to.

A Fun Way For RVers To Personalize Holiday Cards With Photos

If you’re an RVer, then you’ll have fun with these photo greeting cards! You can personalize these holiday cards with your own RVing picture, write your own message inside, and they’ll even ship the cards to any addresses you specify… all for less than $3.00 apiece!

Where Do Fulltime RVers Vote? Which Are The Best RV Mail Forwarding Services?

In Cleveland, Tennessee full time RVrs were recently kicked off the voting rolls. That’s because people are registering with companies like Mail Call U.S.A. — based in Cleveland, Tennessee — or the Escapees RV Club — out of Texas — to forward their mail to them. However, the RVer doesn’t even have to step foot in the state.