Triple Towing: What You Need To Know Before You Pull 2 Trailers Behind A Car, Truck, Or RV

rv-motorhome-tow-trailer-by-Sister72.jpg Let’s face it, sometimes you need to be able to pull 2 trailers behind one vehicle.

For example, you might want to tow a boat and a vehicle behind your RV. Or maybe you’d like to tow a camper and a boat behind your vehicle. Maybe you have a toy hauler filled with ATVs, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. and you’d like to tow it along with another trailer to your destination.

The point is… there are times when just one trailer isn’t enough for everything you’d like to bring along with you!

Here’s some good news: in many states it’s legal to tow 2 trailers at the same time.

Triple towing is allowed in the following states:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah

Exceptions To The Rule

Of course, nothing is ever straightforward and simple though.

Many of these states have a variety of restrictions which could still hamper your ability to tow two trailers.

For example, some states limit total length of all 3 units to 65 feet. In some instances, the limit is 70 feet or 75 feet total length.

In some states, triple towing is restricted to adding the second trailer only behind a 5th wheel trailer.

Many states limit the second trailer to recreational equipment, such as a boat, snowmobile, or ATV 4-wheelers.

In California you even need a special endorsement on your drivers license to tow any trailer over 10,000 lbs or to drive a motorhome that is over 40 feet in length.

Rules For Commercial Trucks vs Recreational Vehicles

As far as state DMVs go, the world of recreational vehicles and the world of commercial trucking are 2 separate entities.

Some states allow “double bottom,” “triple,” or however you wish to label a situation where you have 2 trailers hooked behind one tow vehicle in the commercial truck classifications. But, you must realize that that these rules may not cross over to the recreational vehicle world.

Commercial triples are set up such that the air brake system continues on through all 3 pieces. The second trailer rides on a 5th wheel dolly, not a 2-inch chrome ball purchased at the local hardware store. Therefore, when commercial trucks apply the brakes, all wheels will apply at the same time with equal pressure.

On the other hand, recreational vehicles may have air brakes on the motorhome, electric brakes on the first trailer, and in many cases no brakes at all on the third item being towed.

To that end, the federal D.O.T. doesn’t want any part of regulating non-commercial situations. So, they leave it completely up to each state to set their own limitations. Just remember, seeing a semi truck pulling 2 trailers on or near an interstate highway does NOT mean you’re good to go with more than one trailer.

Triple Towing Laws By State

There are 2 websites that list information pertaining to trailer towing rules and regulations for all states:

  • Woodall’s Rules of the Road – This site appears to have the most information. In fact, it provides more information beyond simply whether triples are allowed or not. As an example, here in Minnesota triples are allowed, but the second trailer must be recreational equipment such as a boat, snowmobile, or ATV 4-wheeler.
  • Towing World – This site provides a good chart, but it is missing some important information.
  • Online Towing Guide – This site summarizes state towing laws across the U.S.

Of course, these resources should be looked at as basic guidelines. Keep in mind that laws change and information can get mixed up in translation. The only way to get completely accurate information about triple towing is to contact the Department of Transportation or Highway Patrol offices for your state and any states you plan on traveling through.

If you do consider towing 2 trailers, be sure to follow all regulations and safety measures! You will be accepting a whole new level of responsibility with that second trailer. Your ability to maneuver in close spaces (or to stop safely) may be reduced considerably. One thing’s for sure, you can forget about backing up with this combination! Getting everything to turn the way you want in a triple-tow configuration will be next to impossible.

Here’s what you really need to know about how to drive an RV when you’re towing a trailer.


Curtis Carper

Curtis Carper

I’ve been involved in RVing for over 40 yrs -- including camping, building, repairing, and even selling RVs. I’ve owned, used, and repaired almost every class and style of RV ever made. I do all of my own repair work. My other interests include cooking at home, living with an aging dog, and dealing with diabetic issues. If you can combine a grease monkey with a computer geek, throw in a touch of information nut and organization freak, combined with a little bit of storyteller, you've got a good idea of who I am.

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  • steve

    I want to tow a small camping trailer 18ft and an 18ft boat behind a ford expedition. I haven’t been able to find any info on how to set up the hitch on the rear of the trailer to pull the boat..Could you give me any info or send me in the right direction..I know the laws of my state and this can be done legally..just can;t figure out how to do this

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the information…

  • jae

    Can i pull a jet ski behind the 20′ boat?
    i live in georgia.

  • Danny

    i live in oregon i have a 2008 dodge 3500 i pull a 34ft alpenlite 5 th wheel tr i want to find out if i can pull a boat and how long of a boat can i pull i allso am a truck driver with tripples endorsment thank you for any help you can give

    • Curtis

      Danny, According to Goodalls listings, which you can find here: there is no mention of triple towing. All their information indicates a maximum of two pieces, (truck and one trailer) with a total combined length not to exceed 65′.

      • Georgia Gurney

        im from oregon.. I live in az where its legal to pull two trailers.. I asked a state trooper in oregon one day… he said its actually an illeagal comintaion… BUT.. he said.. what do ya do if you have someone from outa state passing through town where its legal to do so ? he said you cant very well ask them to unhook it… so its kind of in the air.. and depends on the mood of the officer

        • Curtis

          Georgia, Exactly! It’s your risk. Some states only allow a two trailer situation so many miles from an interstate as well, knowing the laws for every state is tricky to say the least. That’s why I wouldn’t even consider it if I was traveling cross country.

    • Curtis

      Danny, According to Goodalls listings, which you can find here: there is no mention of triple towing. All their information indicates a maximum of two pieces, (truck and one trailer) with a total combined length not to exceed 65′.

    • Randy Jackson

      Danny, as long as the 1st towed trailer is a 5th wheel or a Goose Neck, you are allowed to tow a conventional (Bumper Pull) trailer behind the 1st towed trailer. Maximum of 65 feet, Vehicle, both trailers.

      Randy Jackson

  • Danny

    i live in oregon i have a 2008 dodge 3500 i pull a 34ft alpenlite 5 th wheel tr i want to find out if i can pull a boat and how long of a boat can i pull i allso am a truck driver with tripples endorsment thank you for any help you can give

  • jared

    can i pull a light 2 horse trailer behind my 24ft 5th wheel

    • Curtis

      Jared, It depends: On what state your in, total length, strength of your hitch (there is no such thing as a “light” 2 horse trailer) over all I wouldn’t recommend it. Horses move around and that would be very dangerous when towing 2 trailers.

    • Curtis

      Jared, It depends: On what state your in, total length, strength of your hitch (there is no such thing as a “light” 2 horse trailer) over all I wouldn’t recommend it. Horses move around and that would be very dangerous when towing 2 trailers.

  • jared

    can i pull a light 2 horse trailer behind my 24ft 5th wheel

  • Wayne

    I’m wanting to pull a motorcycle on a motorcycle trailer behind my 27 ft travel trailer,I’ll be leaving from S.E. Missouri across Illinois and in to Sturgis,Kentucky will I be breaking any laws?

  • Ttttt

    Triple towing is just dumb and arrogant, the equipment and the road are not designed for it.

    • Taco1

      Triple towing is needed when you have a boat and trailer. The road is designed for it…..look at our truck and tractor rigs on the road today. These weigh more and are usually longer than a triple tow in most cases. In short…GET A GRIP!!!

    • John

      Dumb and arrogant? I wonder if it is yourself that you’re directing that comment to. I’ve a coach and need to get 2 vechicles down to Texas. Guess I’ll have to do a triple, or maybe you’ll drive one for me.

  • Iowatraveler10

    Did Minnesota change their law? It use to be you could trailer doubles in Minnesota as long as the fifth wheel trailer in the middle did not exceed 28′ and an overall length of 65′
    I have heard that this has been changed and they are now only concerned with the overall length which has be increased to 70′ (makes sense as this would match Iowa and the Dakotas which surround them)
    Can someone confirm this?

    • Curtis

      Iowatraveler10, I did some searching but most websites included disclaimers as to accuracy. Your wisest choice is to give the Minnesota Highway Patrol a phone call and get the information from the horses mouth.

      • Iowatraveler10

        Yep, I am doing that very thing. I Like Woodalls page, but even it has some discrepancies about the laws, so best choice I have found is the individual states DOT sites or the Highway patrols. Some of the states I am finding have different safety requirements as well, that being flares, or triangles or both, size and type of fire extiguisher, safety brakes, chains etc….pretty interesting that they can not all have a common law that would be easier to follow…LOL happy RVing!

  • AlaskaFisherman

    I just talked to the State Troopers Office in Anchorage and Alaska does NOT allow triple towing unless all trailers and the towing vehicle have air brake AND the towing vehicle weighs more than 15,000 pounds. That effectively eliminates all non-commercial triple towing. Glad I checked!!!

  • John

    I’ve a 36′ class c and what to tow my small pickup and a jeep wrangler down to Texas. Any problems??

    • Curtis

      John, Probably… Unless you buy a trailer capable of carrying both the Jeep and the Pickup. Then it’s a question of GCWR of the class c, can it handle that much load? You need to check with each state you plan to pass through, but I’m willing to bet few will allow 2 motor vehicles being towed by tow bar behind your Class C.

  • Mmiller

    I’ve thought about buying a 24′-26′ fifth wheel camper and pulling an 8’x10′ trailer, with no brakes, behind it loaded with atvs. I’m guessing the atv trailer would weigh 2500 – 3000 lb. I’m sure I could fabricate a hitch to attach to the frame of the camper that would handle the load, but I’m concerned about the hitch of the camper and the frame back to the rear hitch. Are these fifth wheels really made to handle the added load of pulling and stopping the extra load?

    • Curtis

      Mmiller, I doubt you’ll get any 5th wheel manufacturer to say, “Sure, go ahead and tow a second trailer”. That said, in my opinion towing a second trailer of that weight without trailer brakes is asking for problems. Judging if your 5th wheel frame is strong enough for the extra load is your call.

  • Osugrads

    I am looking at a triple tow in ok (called state troopers–Good to go) I have an F250 and 24′ 5vr and will connect a 18′ car hauler with a jeep. Brake controler manufature (prodigy) said I should have two plug connection so each trailer is plugged to the source directly (I do) and Ishould have a anti-sway bar connection to the car hauler (will get). Main concern is getting gas once off the Highway.

    • Curtis

      Osugrads, That could be a problem because backing up a triple tow just doesn’t work.

      • Osugrads

        I did a practice backup and it was very slow and a lot of backup 10 feet and pull forward 6. It is better to disconnect tow rig at a big parking lot, get gas then reconnect and move on down the road. All in all my test runs went well and verified by a friend who followed from behind. Anti sway bar helps add piece of mind for helping to remove the minor sway.

  • Doug

    I am looking to pull a small horse trailer behind Toyota Tundra and adding a tent trailer behind Horse trailer in states of Idaho and MT. Is this possible?


  • Curtis

    Doug, Here’s a link to Woodalls information on towing more than 1 trailer.
    You should be able to find what you need there.

  • Raul Maria

    Thanks Curtis for all your advises:
    I am a militar who has to move to WA state, I have a 1998 Huracan rv, a 06 Toyota 4 Runner, and an Cargo trailer 7×17. What should I do? the only way to tow the 4 runner is on the top of a trailler, the trailer is the only one which has electric brake. what is your recommendation?

    • Curtis

      Raul, I would recommend towing the cargo trailer with the RV and driving the Toyota separately. Get a second driver. That’s too much weight to hang behind a Hurricane RV. Plus you would probably be too long to be legal.

  • Wolfgangbach1

    Thank you! Im leaving from florida but maybe when I get to tennessee I can purchase a cheap tralier get my atv outta my truck or possibly get one for the misses. Appreciate the help. Now to search for state trooper offices.!

  • Daket

    Im looking to buy a 30 foot Artic Fox fifth wheel and pull it with a 1 ton Chevy Diesel. I want to add my 15 foot boston whaler behind the fifth wheel. I live in WA but plan on traveling in Idaho, Montanna, Wyoming, and Colorado. I see Washington does not allow so will have to get the boat out of here. Do you see any problem with this setup?

    • Curtis

      Daket, It’s all a matter of total length. Are you under the limits of the states you’re mentioning? With a Diesel Dually the weight issue is probably ok.

  • Howard4x4

    Can i tow a boat and a atv behind a pickup in South carolina and georgia?

    • Curtis

      Howard4x4, Apparently not, those states aren’t on the list mentioned in the article.

  • Bcraine

    Ideas for towing a UTV (Polaris RZR) behind my Sprinter fithwheel, any welding suggestions would be welcome.

  • Da,,as

    Can I Pull a 28′ bumperpull travel trailer and a 18′ boat behind the same vehicle in Oklahoma?

    • Curtis

      Da,,as,  As per Woodall’s Oklahoma does allow 2 trailers and there is no mention that the lead trailer must be a 5th wheel.  I’d contact the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to make sure but it appears you can.

  • Vbrew

    How is the trailers measured, with hitches, load levelers, all of the above. I know a fifth wheel is up in the bed of the pickup.  Is the total length of trailer added to the total length of the pickup plus the total length of hitches and boat added all up ??? Do you add up the tounge length with trailer, and the tounge length with the boat.

    • Curtis

      Vbrew, When everything is hitched up together ready to travel the measurement is taken from the  farthest rear point to the farthest front point.  

  • Cj

    hello i have a 40 ft toy hauler 23ft boat crewcab dullay i live in florida. whats the leagal lenght i can get away with?

    • Curtis

      Cj, As per Goodall’s, you can only tow one trailer at a time in Florida.  That one trailer must be under 40′ in length.

  • Davestockton2

    I have a 26′ Weekend Warrior Toybox trailer 6000# with electric brakes. I want to haul a 19′ boat 3000# behind it with surge brakes. What kind of hitch do I need for the back of the trailer? I will be towing with a Chevy 2500 Duramax/Allison in California.

    • Curtis

      Davestockton2, I would recommend a hitch that attaches directly to the frame of your Weekend Warrior.  Probably there’s nothing you can buy designed specifically for your trailer but something you can have custom built by a reputable welding shop.  

  • Sjohnson

    We have a 32′ 5th wheel that we pull from Iowa to Arizona for the winter.  Can we add a small trailer hauling a motorcycle on it and be legal.  We would be going through 6 states.  Iowa, Neb, Kansas, Okl, Texas, N. Mexico, and Arizona

    • Curtis

      Sjohnson,  All those states are on the list in the article as being ok for two trailers.  You best check each one on Goodall’s list to see what restrictions there might be.

  • Jacquelinej

    What happens if you exceed the maximum towing length? I am just curious because we have a crew car 2500HD Duramax, a 19.5′ boat (that my dad measured for us, and on the trailer it is 25′) and we would like to buy a fifth wheel camper. We were looking at 34′ campers but I believe we would be over the limit here in MN.

    • Curtis

      Jacquelinej, If you exceed the length limit you could get a ticket.  More importantly if the trooper wanted to treat you similar to how he would treat a commercial vehicle he could make you disconnect your boat and leave it right there alongside the road.  For him to allow you to proceed would be allowing you to continue in violation, something they are very unlikely to do.

  • Skye

    Hi Curtis, I have a 28″ travel trailer (the pull behind you kind that hitches to a bumper) and a mid sized 4X4 utility vehicle that needs to go to Arkansas from California. Can my truck handle towing this trailer long distance or do i need to rent a bigger truck to tow both?  What do you recommend to do to get my truck and trailer to my destination?   And what if the trailer isnt road worthy, can i tow the trailer on another trailer and tow my truck behind that? Arg….please help. Thank you.

    • Curtis

      Skye, I think you know my answer before I start, it appears your 4×4 is way too undersized to handle such a load.  Worse, if the trailer isn’t road worthy it doesn’t belong on the road at all.  I suggest you hire a truck (complete with professional driver) capable of carrying both items.  It’s the only safe way to do it. 

  • Rak Shak

    Curtis my wife and I have a 2010 royals its 37.4 ft long .I travel all over the  US for work .I pull it with a 2011 F450 about a year ago my wife became ill and I had to start  missing work every week to take her to Doctor.This year we bought a jeep wranger to pull behind fifthwheeler .I had fab. shop make and install a hitch on back of the royals and also a camera on back fifthwheeler to see how the jeep was doing as I pulled it. My question is what kind of braking should I use ? We first tried a brake  buddy system it almost ruined our brakes on 2011 jeep. I know that over all lenght is long , but I talk to several truck drivers and they told me that the new trailers are 53ft long and most 18 wheelers whit sleepers are over 20ft long.My F450 can pull 26.400lbs and  2010 royals weights 18,000lbs loaded and 2011 jeep 3,200lbs. so am with in weights . What kind of brake should I use?Thanks RNS

    • Curtis

      Rak Shak, My first thought was something along the line of “Some times you just can’t have it the way you want it”. That sure does make for a long rig with limited maneuverability and certainly more chances of problems.  The Roadmaster Invisibrake is similar in theory of operation but does have some nice features that may prevent your issue.  It also energizes the vacuum system (If so equipped) that boosts the brake power on your towed vehicle.  Here’s a link:
      As to recommending this over another, sorry but I haven’t had any more exposure to this system than reading about it on the web site.  Another option to consider is carrying the Jeep on a flatbed trailer instead of towing it wheels down.  

  • Thomas

    I haveF250 SD 5th wheel & jeep hooked together measures 65′ 2″ flat on the ground bumper to bumper.  Arizona is 65′ do you know what they use to measure with and dose my spear add to the measurement? And is there league length limit to the length of a tow bar?

    • Curtis

      Thomas, I would tend to believe they measure furthest point forward to furthest point rearward.  There is no “gimme”.  Whether they have painted marks on the pavement or use a tape measure doesn’t matter.  2 inches over is still longer than 65′.  I’m not aware of any specific legal length requirement of a tow bar, do consider if you shorten it your ability to make corners will be compromised.  

  • Skip Lash

    Curtis, Thank you in advance. My tow vehicle is a dodge 2500 diesel.  I am Pulling a 24′ 5th wheel and a 16′ flatbed with a Polaris Ranger. I am well within length and weight, but I cannot stop the s way on the flatbed. I have tried loading forward, center, back and everything in between.  Any ideas?

    • Curtis

      Skip Lash, Yes, tow the flatbed with another vehicle.  Triple towing is wrought with hazards and bad towing problems.  The only safe way to carry your toys with you is to buy a toy hauler RV that has a garage designed for carrying such things.  Personally I see problems with them too as you’re greatly limited by the amount of weight you can put in the garage because it’s located behind the axles of the trailer.  There are many situations where just because it’s legal doesn’t mean there won’t be problems. 

  • Spinache903

    What happens if you are out of regulation for towing two trailers? I am assuming a fine, correct? I am trying to tow a boat and ATVs from TX to MD and will be about 72 feet. 

  • Curtis

    Spinache903,  The fine is likely to be the small part of the problem.  Once it’s determined you are operating an illegal combination you no longer have the option to go any further as you are.  This could mean being forced to drop the second trailer and immediately call a towing service to remove it from the highway.  

  • Bobbyowens

    I am a new competition BBQ cooker. I have a 12′ enclosed trailer and would like to pull my pig cooker behind my trailer. I live in North Carolina, and although it’s sometimes called “BBQ Heaven”, Mr. Smoky (the police) might not like my towing Ideas. Can you help me out?

    • Curtis

      Bobbyowens, I’d contact the local Highway Patrol office to find out the specifics of their rules.  Some states only allow a second trailer if it is a boat, ATV, or other relates sports equipment.

  • bob

    curtis i have a f350 diesel …7.3 liter with booster, pull a 32 travel trailer no problem there…i often want to also take my harley,,,what do you suggest?

    • Curtis Carper

      Bob, The best solution in my mind is to put the Harley in the back of the truck. My personal opinion is that triple towing is more problematic than it’s worth. My second choice would be a second trailer that attaches to the rear of the travel trailer with two points of connection and has wheels that act like casters. This is the only setup that will allow you to backup like you have a single trailer behind you.

  • hamster101 johnston

    can you do a tandem axel trailer with a fish house behind it in minnesota?

    • Curtis

      hamster 101, If your tandem axle trailer is a bumper pull, NO. But you can pull a fish house that’s also a travel trailer.

  • Torqueautorepair

    I promise this is a out of the ordinary question if you have ever seen one!
    I have a 2004 jeep grand cherokee and a camp trailer made out of the back half of a wrecked same year grand cherokee (kind of like the old pickup bed trailers but this is an suv trailer so it matches the tow rig exactly) and i would like to triple tow a single jetski behind that…is that feasible?
    Here are the facts… The Grand cherokee tow rig has a tow rating of 6500 lbs as equiped (4.7 H.O. engine same as 1/2 ton dodge pickup, with trans and steering cooler and 3.73 gears) with a recommended maximum trailer length of 30 ft. The camp trailer is 13 ft long and weighs under 2000lbs loaded and utilizes a trailer brake (for offroad stability when going downhill). The camp trailer already has the factory reciever hitch that that jeep came with originally so its more than ready to tow the waverunner. The waverunner trailer is 12′ long and weighs 1500lbs loaded.
    Obviously im under the 65′ limit (montana) by about 25 ft and the combined weight of the two trailers is much less (3k less) than the maximum set by jeep as well as the combined length of the two trailers being less than jeep max (25ft vs 30ft max). However the reason for my question is even with the very short and light trailers, i am towing with a very short vehicle that only weighs 4500 lbs. Will i have any problems in your opinion? Am i missing anything?
    P.S. I know i could put both trailers on a flatbed and be better off but it defeats the purpose of the camp trailer and the 2000k lbs extra for the flatbed would reduce my gas mileage considerably, as well as making it impossible to go camping alone as i could never get the trailers loaded and unloaded on the flatbed trailer by myself.
    Thanks in advance!!!

    • Curtis

      torqueautorepair, Very few states allow you to tow a second trailer behind a bumper pull trailer. Normal travel trailers tow badly enough especially when they don’t have equalizer hitches and perfect weight distribution. Adding a second trailer places that hitch weight at the worst place, the back of the first trailer. In my mind, even if this combination is legal and within the GCWR of your Jeep, it wouldn’t be safe on the road at any speed. I’ve had a simple two wheel trailer carrying 2 dirt bikes start swaying so bad it drug me across 4 lanes of traffic because it wasn’t balanced. When your combination starts swaying, you’re going in the woods for sure.

  • Jeff

    Curtis, I am getting ready to move from Florida to Wyoming (a 2100 mile trip). To move my household items I am renting a 26 foot diesel powered moving truck. I have a ford explorer and a utility trailer with 2 bikes on it. Is it safe to pull the explorer on a car dolly behind the moving truck and the utility trailer behind the explorer? Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Curtis

      Jeff. I wouldn’t consider it safe but more importantly in most states it’s an illegal combination. Bring a buddy, let him drive the Explorer.

  • jose313

    I’m going to tow a Yukon suv and a small trailer behind it with a Ford econoline van 5.8 from Michigan to Texas can I ??

  • jose313

    I’m going to tow a Yukon suv and a small trailer behind it with a Ford econoline van 5.8 from Michigan to Texas can I ??

    • Curtis

      jose313, You can look up that information by clicking on the 2 links provided in the article. Be aware that the information may be out of date so the only accurate information is to contact the Highway Patrol for every state you intend to travel through. Most likely they will say “No” because triple tow laws are usually based on rigs that are comprised of a pickup truck, 5th wheel travel trailer, and a boat, ATV, or similar trailer behind the 5th wheel trailer.

  • Gary Casteel

    I drive a 2004 Dodge 3500 dualy with a 5.9 Cummins. I tow a bumper pull 2002 30′ Montana Mountaineer Travel Trailer (TT)(about 6700 lbs empty) with one 16′ slide. I tow with a stabalizer and sway control hitch. I want to pull a 10′ tandem axle Big Tex trailer (also with electric brakes) with my 800 lb motorcycle behind my TT by welding a sufficient hitch on the back of the travel trailer with sway control, a second brake control from the truck to the 3rd trailer, and a camera to watch the 3rd trailer. I’m aware of staying within length and weight restrictions, what states to stay out of, as well as my inability to move in reverse. The majority of the motorcycle weight would be placed on the tandem axles of the trailer. My only remaining concern is whether the additional weight on the back of the TT could cause damage to the TT frame or affect the proper functioning of the slide-out. Any thoughts or advice?

    • Curtis

      Gary, Sorry but I’ll stay out of this one. My personal belief is towing a second trailer behind a travel trailer just isn’t safe no matter how you do it. All bumper hitched trailers sway to some degree. Long RV travel trailers sway a lot (I speak from experience). Tacking a second trailer on will just compound the issue greatly.

      • Gary Casteel

        Thanks for the quick reply. I’m going to take your advice and will try buying a ramp, a Surelift truck weight support system, and haul the motorcycle in the truck. I also looked at the Swivelwheel 58, but it doesn’t recommend use with TT’s.

        • Curtis

          Gary, Good choice, I think you’ll be a whole lot safer that way!!

  • Jill Brewton

    I have really enjoyed reading the posts here. Very helpful information. My husband and I will be retiring in about 18 mos. We pull a Rockwood Signature ultralite (1/2 ton pullable) with a 2007 1500 dodge ram 5.7 hemi. The truck has a heavy duty towing package, oversized radiator, extra cooling radiator (not sure that is what it is called) on the transmission. When we retire I would like to add a hitch to the 5th wheel and tow our Prius. I seem to be having trouble finding understandable information about this being possible. The car dolly would be approx 150 lbs. not sure on the weight of the hitch, and the car approx 2900 lbs.

    • Curtis

      Jill Brewton, I can’t address the legality of such a combination as it varies from state to state. I can only offer my personal opinion for what it’s worth. A Prius runs about $25,000 give or take. I sure wouldn’t want that much money swaying back and forth at the tail end of such a rig. You might get away with it for awhile, but at highway speeds disaster will eventually win out.

  • steven

    how about building a hitch with a straight bar that connects to two 28 foot boats with trailers being pulled by a f350

    • Curtis

      Steven, Every state is different. Contact your state Highway Patrol and that of every state you plan on driving in.

  • vic

    I am looking to tow an 18′ tandem car trailer and a tow dolly behind my diesel truck, hauling two inoperative cars. Lots of talk of unwanted sway, but would I see that with a tow dolly? The tow dolly hitch will be welded to the car trailer frame, with trailer brakes on both trailers. I will be towing in Nevada and Arizona.

    • Curtis

      You better check with the Highway Patrol for both states. I doubt that setup would be legal in most places. I know I wouldn’t want to tow it.

  • Frank white

    How is towing two trailers called triple towing?

    • Curtis

      Frank, Though it is only 2 trailers, it gets referred to as triple towing because there are three units linked together. The tow vehicle and two trailers.

      • Scott Smith

        I, as a Class A CDL driver with double/triple endorsement, must disagree with your terminology. Hauling two trailers is pulling/hauling doubles, hauling three trailers is pulling/hauling triples, otherwise everybody that pulls a single trailer would be considered double hauling and everybody (commercially) would need a double/triple endorsement. So anywhere I’ve been if you were to say you were triple towing, or pulling triples, or picked up a triple load, would not assume you were picking up a Roadway, or Fedex, or any other brand that most are familiar with the 28′ trailers with just two trailers.

        • BD Hicks

          Totally agree.

          From an Ohio Turnpike permit application for overlength combinations:

          “1. A Triple shall consist of a tractor, a semi-trailer, a dolly, a second semi-trailer, a dolly and a third semi-trailer.”

  • tom sims

    i am in ill and i would like a 53 foot motor coach that would be used for commercial use while this seemed like a bunch red tape does this give me more options as to the size of the coach or should i get my coach customized with a trailer that can be attached to my coach to give my 53-55 feet of space inside

    off topic but i think its important to my question

    my coach will have a kitchen area up front a entertainment area behind the kitchen a bedroom in the back now if this was a normal 53 foot i would have a hot tub behind the bedroom

    now if this has to be a trailer setup then i will have my hot tub in the trailer as i will not be making use of that while on the high way and the two units will be customized to be conjoined when parked i am working for an indipenent film company so i want to travel to all of the lower 48 states and would having a removable section be needed to have the lay out i want as in how many states could i not visit with a 53 foot coach not to mention i can have the second half towed separate likely squeeze it into many RV parks designed for smaller coaches as we will have a small convoy of vehicles some big and small so 4 or 5 spots next to one another and two of luxary live in coaches plus one for our private chief and drivers and a pickup camper and a simple sedan would be our close to our total convoy size we have not decided on how big our convoy will be just know our motor coaches will be BIG and we will have or more cars suitable for short distance driving and we will have a smaller coach for the cheif and some spot of the drivers to sleep

    • Curtis

      Tom, Way too complicated for me…you need to talk with the DOT but remember every state does things differently so you need to talk to each state you will be driving through

      • tom sims

        i made some phone calls it turns out if take passengers for hire it would become similar to a limo that would preclude me from having a trailer now i could

        the best thing to do would to have a separate vehicle to move our guests around like maybe a converted school buss that would be insured when ever we need to use it or move it as its not something we would use every day

        because we are using the RV for business unless we are gonna need to have a cdl but our insurance should go down because of the cdl in IL in my case its best to keep it classed as a RV that just means its me and any other member of the company or non paying passengers such as some trailer trash i decide to pick up to keep my company but no paying clients can travel in the RV or becomes like a limo and no trailer

        bottom line i can not take paying passengers if its classed as an RV and only an RV would allow me tow a trailer for my extension

        a bus or RV allot of RVs are built ontop of a buss livery would be if i had payed passengers and would not allow me to tow a trailer and there goes my hot tub so i will keep it listed as an RV as i do not want to haul the other half of my coach seprate from the main just to allow some random client to watch a movie while on a 45 min road trip

        the rules read like a joke

        so i will have to hire a lawyer to help get this right but it looks like i a should be fine with a RV 45 feet long and a trailer extending for a total of 60 feet i will likely keep it at 60 feet including the bumper and use the hitch as part of the frame extend some parts of the frame and have them interlock being that we will be doing this on private property in an RV park any rules outlawing the length of my rig should not be an issue at an RV park if we can fit in the space we rent then should be ok not to mention we the both of us could benefit from using two 50 amp circuits and we could each spare 15 amps for the other 2 units one for the chief and one for the drivers

        bottom line what you want to do is very important when designing a system staying within the law then staying practical and taking advantage of all the resources you are allotted in our case a 60 foot rig is legal in all but one of the lower 47 this seems to work out just fine as in that state i will just be missing my hot tub every ware else a 45 foot RV seems to be ok

  • tom sims

    District of Columbia 13½’ 8′ (28) NS mh 40′

    Maryland 13½’ 8½’ 40′ mh 40′ 55′

    Rhode Island 13½’ 8½’ NS 40′ 60′

    Wisconsin 13½’ 8½’ 48′ mh 40’L 60′

    my rig as a 45 foot RV and total with trailer of 60 feet should be legal in of the lower 47 except the listed above

    Wisconsin has me a bit worried the other 3 are small with little to nothing do or small enough to avoid and park outside of these states and travel by dingy into them as needed

    this seems perfectly doable with a 45 foot RV and a trailer totaling 60 feet

  • Rick

    I bought a 37′ keystone 5th wheeler, a 10′ enclosed motorcycle trailer, f350 for pick-up how do I measure this to see iff I can pull it in most states

    • Curtis

      Rick, From bumper to bumper… The front most item on the truck to the farthest rear point on the last trailer…. Total length.

  • Jamin Mootz

    Triple Towing Laws

  • Anna

    I live in California and want to tow a 20 ft trailer and my 14 ft aluminum boat is that legal?

    • Curtis

      Anna, The only sure fire accurate answer is to contact the California Highway Patrol and ask them. Laws change, you need to go to the source for the current correct information.

  • TrollVader

    Ok so I live on Coruscant, but I’m hauling stuff to Ord Mantell. I’ve got an Executor and I’m towing a victory class and a captured rebel medical frigate there. I was under the impression that as long as I stay on the shipping lanes and use some magnetic brake lights I’d be okay. Can anyone clarify?

  • James

    Hi I want to tow my fishing boat 18′ total and my set ski.Where do I look for a company to set up my ford Excursion to pull both of them from Michigan to Florida