Downsizing Your RV Lifestyle – Smaller RVs Can Be Better

Just like homeowners are starting to downsize their homes in order to become more cost & space-conscious, RVers are also downsizing these says, as a way to save money while still having fun out on the road. Here are the pros & cons of downsizing your RV lifestyle, plus a few things you may want to think about.

How To Stretch Your RV Fuel Dollars (A Full Time RVer’s Best Tips)

After you purchase a new or used RV — be it a motorhome or trailer — the most costly item needed to move it down the highway is the fuel that makes the motor run. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to maximize how far your fuel investment will take you. Here are some tips for getting the most from your RV fuel dollars on the road.

RV Roadside Assistance – Where To Find Help When Your RV Breaks Down On The Road

Having appliances like the RV refrigerator or plumbing give you problems can be annoying, but when the RV’s motor sputters to a halt and all you get is a Click, Click when you attempt to restart… things can get serious real quick. Your options for seeking roadside assistance vary greatly, depending on what type of RV you have.

Green RV Tips: 6 Ways To Go Green When RVing

There are several ways to carry the ‘green’ way of life into your RV lifestyle. Here are 5 things you can do to help restore and protect the environment when you’re RVing. Plus, some great tips for using alternative fuels in your RV or pickup truck.

High Gas Prices Don’t Keep RVers From Hitting The Road

We recently spent $1,000 — in gas alone — on an RV trip from Elkhart, Indiana to Edmonton, Alberta Canada. We drove approximately 1,800 miles and got 6-1/2 miles per gallon. Despite the fact that you’re lucky to get 10 miles to the gallon and each fill-up can cost as much as $200, RV sales are still on the rise!