How Much Fuel Does An RV Generator Burn?

by Lynnette

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empty-full-gas-tank-symbol.jpgJim and his buddy Terry are riding around the eastern U.S. in a RV. They are en route to a series of IHRA drag racing events.

It seems like we learn something new about RVs on every trip, and this one was no different.

Do you know how much gas an RV generator uses when it’s turned on?…

I’ve always wondered this.

Because sometimes we are a little careless about leaving the generator running (…for example, so the RV will be cooler when we return if the air conditioning is left on).

So I did a little research and I found this:

The 3 most common fuel types of generators are diesel, LP or gasoline.

  • LP generators use approximately 1-1/2 gallons of propane each hour, in a coach that is utilizing 2 air conditioners.
  • Gasoline generators run on gasoline and the fuel supply is greater when the supply is drawn from the same tank as the main engine.
  • Diesel-operated generators burn the least amount of fuel, about .75 gallons under a 2 air conditioner load.

With proper operation, maintenance and care, LP and gasoline gensets may run for well over 1,000 hours before requiring a major overhaul. Diesel-fueled sets are likely to run even longer.”

Source: Monaco Coach

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