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I've got some tips to help you set up your RV Solar Power System! Plus, the differences between parallel vs serial wiring connections, and why I chose a series-parallel configuration for my RV solar installation.

Want to use solar power when boondocking? A great place to start is a 200-watt RV Solar Kit. Here's what to look for when buying an RV solar system. And remember... you can always add more solar power over time.

Want solar power when RVing? Don't want a DIY project that involves wiring and mounting solar panels & charge controllers? An RV Solar Suitcase is the answer! See the pros & cons of using a Solar Suitcase for RV boondocking.

My hands-on DIY cargo van insulation tips. See step-by-step how to insulate a van roof, how to insulate cargo van walls, and how to insulate a van floor.

You can save money on taxes if you buy an RV! See the IRS tax deductions for RV owners. (And if you run a business out of your RV, the RV tax deduction is even greater!)

I built a Class B motorhome from a cargo van. This is the 1st article in my DIY RV camper van conversion series: How to choose the best cargo van for an RV conversion.

If cheap RV living is your goal, as it was mine, here's proof that you can manage living in an RV fulltime -- even on a fixed income! I've found that it costs about $500 a month -- whether you drive and park for free for 1 month, or you spend a month at a time in an RV park. I'll show you the numbers...

Yes, your undersized RV kitchen can produce everything for a Thanksgiving dinner that you've prepared for past family gatherings. RV Thanksgiving turkey tips!

An RV mail forwarding service will send you everything you need. But do you really need to pay for this service? Here's how I get my mail forwarded for FREE