DIY RV Toilet Replacement Is Half The Price Of A New Toilet

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frustrated-because-the-rv-toilet-is-broken-by-uberculture.jpg What’s the one most important feature of your recreational vehicle?  Of course, it’s the RV toilet!

When that one RV appliance malfunctions, everyone’s frustration and temper will quickly come to the surface.

RV toilet repair can be a messy situation.  Limited accessibility usually requires you to unbolt and remove the toilet from the RV.  That’s just to gain access to the mechanical parts that make it function.

Before you head off to the RV dealer to have them repair your problematic depository, consider this:

Their labor rate is around $100 an hour.  Just having them remove and reinstall your old RV toilet will cost you more than the price of a new RV toilet!

Man up and remove the old one yourself.  It’s only held in place with 2 bolts.

RV toilet

You’re better off to spend your money on a new toilet instead of repairing the old one.

You may want to upgrade to a nice porcelain RV toilet, while you’re at it.  For just a few more dollars you can have the same quality feel that you experience at home.

This video shows the process of replacing an RV toilet from start to finish:

DIY RV Toilet Clog Remedy
DIY RV Toilet Clog Remedy