Is Your RV & Family At Risk? Improve Security With An RV Alarm System

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Just like the average home, there are a number of options when it comes to RV alarm systems.

With modern electronics and computers, there are many ways to keep the bad guys at bay and protect the contents and area around your RV at the same time.

Every travel trailer and motorhome needs an RV alarm system

Here are your best options:

  • Systems like RV Guardian and RV Nanny can monitor and report by telephone or computer what’s going on when someone breaches your preset boundaries.
  • Installing automatic solenoid locks is like adding electric deadbolt locks that are much harder to bypass.
  • Motion detecting outdoor lights are available that will sense infrared heat and activate only when human sized creatures cross their path.
  • Re-keying your entire RV is another option since many RV keys are the same and can be used to open more than just your RV.
  • Trailer wheel locks are a nice complement to your regular RV alarm system. You simply slide the bar over a leaf spring and through the opening in your wheel — which prevents the wheel from actually turning.
  • It goes without saying that a dog makes a good RV alarm system as well. Even if your dog isn’t very big or very loud, any activity near your RV could lead a potential thief to think twice about entering your RV. And if your dog is a barker, then all the better!
  • Tattletale Security Systems is one of the newest RV alarm systems manufacturers and they carry a lot of different systems. Installing an RV alarm system will greatly improve security providing that extra measure of safety for those you love.

This is definitely an upgrade worth making!

These videos show the installation of security alarms in cargo trailers that would work the same way in your RV trailer or motorhome:


Now here’s some practical advice for the modern day RVer: Detour RV Burglars With These Simple Steps.