Fleetwood RV: A Leader In The RV & Motorhome Industry

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fleetwood-motorhome-at-bullyans-rv.jpg In the recreational vehicle world there is one manufacturer that stands heads above the rest.  Whatever type of RV you’re looking for, Fleetwood can take good care of you.

Founded in 1950 by John Crean, Fleetwood is headquartered in Riverside California.  Listed as the top-selling RV manufacturer, their revenues amount to about $2 billion a year, and growing.

Fleetwood went public in 1965. Today, Fleetwood employees 9,000 people in facilities nationwide.

With their extensive product line, you can be the first time buyer starting simple, and throughout your life as your needs expand, they will be there for your next upgrade.

This is the one RV company that does it all. They can meet the needs of RVers from beginning to end…


Fleetwood Travel Trailers & Fifth Wheels

For the young family with a small budget, the Fleetwood folding camper trailer is a popular option.  Easily towed behind the family minivan, these RVs are great for weekends at the nearest state park.

Fleetwood travel trailers and fifth wheels are the most popular first-step upgrade.  They have a huge selection of models ready to meet the needs of any couple or family looking for a longterm investment in quality and comfort.

My Fleetwood Travel Trailer
Back in 1976, I bought my first new travel trailer.  It was an 18-foot Fleetwood Wilderness RV.  It was a big step up for a young family of 4 that had only been weekend camping in old canvas tents before this.

We pulled that trailer all over northern Minnesota visiting many of the state’s grand parks and fishing hotspots.

Never being much of a fisherman, my largest fish was caught during a weekend at the Federal Dam Corp of Engineers Park.  It was a 3-pound large mouth bass.  It sure tasted good that night back at the campsite in our beautiful new Wilderness trailer!

Fleetwood has a good variety of luxury fifth wheel trailers that are just waiting for you when you decide the fulltime RV lifestyle is your ultimate dream.  With your own portable high-class apartment on wheels, you can spend time anywhere in the country and always have the comforts of your own home right there with you.

Maybe a Fleetwood Class C mini-motorhome is the right RV for your family.  Ease of access to the driver’s compartment makes these comfy units as accessible as the family car. Fleetwood has 8 different models with multiple floor plans to choose from.

Fleetwood Class A motorhomes provide a view of the countryside that can’t be beat.  With the driving position raised above traffic, your rolling picture window provides a whole new perspective of the world around you.

My Fleetwood Motorhome
One of Fleetwood’s most popular motorhomes is the Bounder.  It’s my personal favorite, because it falls about middle-of-the-road in terms of affordability, yet it has many options not found on competing brands.  In 1997, when slide-out rooms were relatively new, we bought a new Bounder 36S.  We really felt we had arrived in high cotton traveling across the country in that Bounder.  We towed a small car, and even carried a motorcycle on the back!

That Bounder contained everything we owned and still cruised 70 mph all day in total comfort.  When we arrived in Denton Texas, planning on staying some time, it was simply a matter of backing into our spot, pushing a couple switches, and in seconds our walls expanded giving us half again as much space.  We lived comfortably for almost a year in Texas in our Bounder, especially enjoying the built-in washer/dryer.

fleetwood-excursion-motorhome-bullyans-rv.jpg This is a level of traveling comfort that can only be surpassed by the luxury of a diesel pusher motorhome.  With their full body graphics and top-of-the-line cabinetry, these luxury liners of the highway will float you from one location to the next.  Air-ride suspension makes any highway seem like driving on a cloud.  The amenities are many, including the fine leather and designer fabrics which place you a step above the others.  With 6 different models and 38 floor plans, finding the perfect diesel pusher at Fleetwood is a sure bet.

With so many options, you would think this is as far as Fleetwood RV can go.  I’ve saved the best for last.  The American Coach by Fleetwood is the ultimate traveling machine.  It is far more than a step above anything provided by any multi-line manufacturer.  These top-of-the-line coaches are way above anything called a motorhome.  They have heated tile floors, large flat screen tv’s, in-motion satellite receivers… the list goes on.

When you reach the status level of the American line of luxury coaches, you have truly arrived.  People will look up and take notice when you arrive in one of these motorcoaches!

My Experience With American Coach
I can speak from personal experience about American Coach.  This is traveling at its absolute best!

I transported a handful of American products across the country during my time as a RV transporter.  It was an experience I always looked forward to, and I enjoyed it immensely.  If I can feel that excited about just driving one, imagine the feeling of owning something as grand as an American Coach!


More About Fleetwood RV

Fleetwood is one RV manufacturer that knows the business inside and out, and side to side.  Most of their RVs and motorhomes are available with slide-out rooms — expanding your square footage to unbelievable space.

Their network of RV dealers spans the continent, providing ready access to parts, accessories, and technical knowledge.

As an industry leader in the RV market, surprisingly Fleetwood also builds manufactured housing.  Choose from multi-sectional homes to be erected on your own site and energy-efficient mobile homes.  These can be delivered by truck to your location.

Fleetwood is indeed the be all, do all of the RV manufacturing industry.  With such an expansive product line, it can almost be said, “If we don’t make it, nobody does.”

When you go shopping for your next RV, I’m willing to bet you’ll be looking at a Fleetwood product at almost every RV dealer’s lot you visit.  Most RV dealers handle multiple brands, and if they want to do well at least some of them will be Fleetwood.