RV Toilet Paper: See Which Is Best For RVs & How To Test Any Brand To See If It’s RV-Safe


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Who knew? When I first started RVing, I certainly didn’t know that something like this existed.

RVers (and others) will appreciate the benefits of Scott fast-dissolving toilet paper.

This RV toilet paper is also known as “septic tank safe” toilet paper.

Scott calls it “the branded bathroom tissue solution for RVs, boats and sensitive plumbing.”

The only problem right now is that it’s somewhat hard to find in stores.

Here are some other septic-safe RV toilet paper brands.


How To Tell If Toilet Paper Is RV-Safe

The following video shows you how to do a simple test to find out if the brand of toilet paper that you prefer using at home can also be used in your RV.

This test works with any brand of toilet paper:


Now, Just For Fun…

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