RV Driving / Towing Tips

First time driving an RV? You need to see these tips from RV owners before you drive, turn, back-up, and park an RV for the first time. It’s a lot different from driving a car! And if you’re traveling in an RV, chances are you’ll want to have a separate vehicle to drive around (for sightseeing, shopping, eating, grocery shopping, etc). Here, RVers are sharing their personal experiences and tips for towing a vehicle behind an RV — including RV trailer tips, tow dollies, hitch recommendations, tow ratings, and more.


RV Wheels 101: When Was The Last Time You Checked The Torque On Your Lug Nuts?

The owners manual on every new RV states that you should re-torque the wheel nuts or lug nuts after the first 100 miles or so. Then periodically recheck the torque to make sure nothing has changed. This is a critical safety issue that often gets overlooked or just ignored. Here’s how to properly install RV wheels and torque lug nuts.