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Over the past several years, I've been involved with transporting RVs, renting RVs, and fulltime RVing (months at a time). I'm fortunate to have had a number of different RVs available to me to try out -- which has enabled me to experience the nuances of RVing firsthand. When I'm not RVing, you can find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (32 fun & helpful websites).

It's hard to pick the best road trip songs of all time... but here's my best shot at selecting the greatest travel music to may your road trips even more enjoyable!

Get your free road map from the National Scenic Byways Program! Here's how...

Check out these pictures of RVs and motorhomes made from lego blocks. Bill Ward and Ralph Savelsberg are a couple of FANTASTIC lego creators who have built some fun on wheels!

You need to use RV toilet paper or septic safe toilet paper. Here are the best brands + How to tell if ANY regular brand of TP is RV safe or not - some are!

Thinking about taking your cat with you on your next RV trip? Here are some tips. Plus, photos and descriptions of custom cat condos that some RVers are using.

In honor of Great Outdoors Month, why not take a trip to somewhere fun... and make it an adventure! Here are some fun destinations and attractions to consider.

Fleetwood RV first made an appearance on the TV game show, The Price is Right, in 1987. The 2007 season of The Price is Right marks the 20th anniversary of Fleetwood's participation on the popular CBS daytime game show! Plus, Bob Barker retires from The Price is Right on June 15, 2007.

We are planning to tow our 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited behind an RV someday soon. Here's what we've learned about towing four wheels down, and how to shift the transfer case into Neutral.

Whether you intend to eventually buy an RV at some point or not, renting an RV is always good idea ...and a FUN one, too. It might also be the best course of action before you purchase a motorhome of your own.