Offroad RVing: Fun Places To Enjoy Boondocking + Tips For Taking Your 4×4 RV Off Road

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4x4-rv-on-sand-by-bsterling.jpg Going off the beaten path with a 4×4 RV can bring you some great adventures to remember.

For example, have you ever gone boondocking in the Mojave Desert?  You’ll experience some real solitude there!

If you like to be around people, you can check out the beaches on the eastern shores.

Where I live in Northern Minnesota there are plenty of logging trails heading into the wilderness to explore.

Finding that perfect secluded camping spot you can only get to with your 4×4 RV is all part of the fun.

A word of caution though, on the way in use 2-wheel drive.  Save 4-wheel drive for getting yourself out of trouble when you get stuck.  Remember, loose sand and large RVs don’t mix well!