Must-Have RV Equipment That Won’t Be Included With Your New RV

When you pick up your new RV the dealer will include a complimentary starter kit to get you off on the right foot into the RV lifestyle. Unfortunately this is but the tip of the iceberg in RV equipment and accessories that are essential. Here’s the rest of the list.

Reasons Why You Should Use RV Water Softeners and Filters

Having clean, clear soft water while RV camping is nearly impossible to come by. Take care of your water supply by using RV water filters and water softeners. Filters and water softeners make your water taste better and work better for you when it’s time to clean up.

Warning: Most RV Storage Compartments Use The Same Key!

Most RVs use the same key for all outside storage compartments. The entrance door lock isn’t much better when it comes to RV security. Keep this in mind, especially when storing your RV for the off-season. Never leave valuables inside.