RVers Can Enjoy Free Camping In Quartzsite Arizona

Every year half a million RV snowbirds head to Quartzsite AZ. With ongoing activities and plenty to see & do many spend their winter months parked in the desert. Free camping in the desert is a great way to stretch both your vacation and your budget.

RV Snowbirds: Tips For First-Timers In Search Of Warmer Weather

Tired of the cold and snow? A number of years ago, my wife and I reached the point of ‘Enough Already’, so we packed up the motorhome, hit the road and headed south. We learned a few things along the way that may be helpful if you’re brand new to the idea snowbirding in search of warmer weather during the winter months.

RVers Are Vacationing Closer To Home… Here’s How To Turn Your Next RV Vacation Into A Staycation!

Lots of people are canceling their vacations and choosing to spend more time at home this year. Yep, roughing it at (or near) home is the hot new thing for budget-conscious Americans in search of alternative travel experiences. It’s called a staycation. Why leave home when you have so many great things nearby to enjoy? Vacation is a really a mind-set anyway. Here’s how to turn your next vacation into a staycation… in your RV!

Flagstaff, Arizona RV Trip

Here are highlights from our RV trip to Flagstaff, Arizona. We were en route to the Grand Canyon. We enjoyed the sites — highlighted here — then we left Flagstaff and headed for the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon will be our new RV home for the summer.