Converting Your RV Lights To LEDs Is A Win-Win Any Way You Look At It

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led-tailight-by-dwstucke.jpg LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are the wave of the future. 

Actually, they’re the wave of the present since they are widely used in applications that were once limited to fragile and wasteful incandescent bulbs.

90% more efficient, LEDs don’t create heat from passing electricity through a thin filament to make light. 

RV boondocking fans listen up! 

  • This means your battery life when living off grid will last much longer. 
  • Installing LED light fixtures in your RV means you can run your generator less.
  • This also means you can get by with a smaller solar panel array, which saves you money up front and in the long run.

Widely used in the automotive industry, LED taillight fixtures consist of many small individual lights combined to make one bright light fixture.  You not only gain efficiency because of their low power consumption, you also gain longevity because there is no heat. 

If one of the tiny bulbs should somehow fail, it is included in a cluster of many LEDs — so replacement isn’t necessary.  The rest of the individual LEDs will remain lit.

For decades, the prudent RV traveler has carried spare bulbs in their glove compartment — because you never know when a bump might cause a light to burn out. This is no longer necessary as failure is not an option with LEDs.

Even Las Vegas has recognized the long term cost savings of switching from incandescent and fluorescent fixtures to LEDs!