Do You Have An RV Emergency Escape Plan Or A Disaster Plan? (You Should!)

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rv-fire-by-Aaron-Jack.jpgDo you know what to do in the event of an accident if your motorhome is lying on the door side so you can’t get out?

Maybe you are sleeping comfortably inside your RV and half way through the night the smoke detector sounds.  You see flames between you and the front door, now what?

RVs are small spaces that can fill with toxic gases very quickly.  For an escape to be effective it must be planned for, practiced, and rapidly put into action.

You probably have a minute or less to live through the experience so you better make those precious seconds count! Having an RV emergency escape plan will help.  In fact, it could save your life!

Today’s RVs come equipped with emergency exits.  Be sure you know where they are and how they work.  Fumbling around in the dark when the smoke is choking you can be a death sentence.

If you travel with a pet and you are lucky enough to get your pet out to safety, be prepared to give them first aid since smoke inhalation can put them down just as quickly as it will you.