Fireproof Safes & Other Options For Keeping Valuables In Your RV Safe

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rv-safe-required-by-LoopZilla.jpg I bet when you took delivery of your new RV travel trailer or motorhome you thought with all of those locking side compartments you’d have safe and secure storage at all times. Right?

Sadly, almost every brand of RV on the market today (and going back in time well over 20 years) has the exact same storage compartment lockset.

It’s the one that uses a CH751 key. CH751 keys are readily available, and they cost less than $5 for a package of 10.

So much for secure storage!

Aside from changing the locks and installing RV alarms, what are your options then?

VIDEO: See how to change the locks on your RV.

Well, if you’re in the market for a new (or used) RV, you might try to find one that has a floor safe installed (many newer models do). For your current RV, you should consider aftermarket floor safes or small fireproof safes to help keep the valuables inside your RV safe.

Here’s what to look for…

RVs Are Easy Targets

Lets face it, most RVs are just not very secure places to keep possessions.

You can easily become a victim of theft, just because of the fact that anyone who has ever owned or been around RVs is keenly aware of how easily they can be accessed.

Case in point: This video shows how to break into an RV in about 15 seconds… without a key!

Even with the deadbolt securely locked on your RV’s entry door, you’re still only protected by the flimsy plastic window latches that are holding your RV windows closed.

That’s another weak point because many are nothing more than small plastic tabs that ride in a groove, preventing the window from sliding. It’s a simple matter to force past that to enter through the RV window.

So, if you have any amount of money or personal valuables inside, just know that it wouldn’t take long for a thief to find them and scurry away in the dark of the night the next time your RV is unattended.

The only semi-safe way to keep valuables inside your RV protected is with an RV safe of some sort.

The Best RV Safe Is A Floor Safe or Fireproof Safe

Many high-end motorhomes have floor safes permanently mounted in the closet or under the bed.

The benefit of a factory-mounted safe is that it structurally becomes part of the RV. Bolted from the inside, it would be very difficult for someone to remove an RV safe that is mounted this way.

Aftermarket floor safes can be installed in most RVs to provide a similar convenient place to keep small quantities of jewelry or cash. Do remember that a floor safe is only as secure as its installation!

A fireproof safe can protect against fire or water damage, but it provides little or no protection against theft. Any locked box or small safe that can be picked up and carried away will likely disappear if spotted by a thief.

If you’re looking for an RV safe that is highly rated by owners, this one is a safe bet.

Leave It At Home


If there’s a moral to this story, it’s to leave your fancy jewelry and other valuables back home. (A safe deposit box at the bank is the best option for those things.)

Also, don’t carry large sums of cash with you while traveling. Instead, rely on your good credit and take one credit card with you on RV trips.

ATM’s are in every convenience store at almost every intersection across America. I’ve traveled all over the country with seldom more than $50 of cash on me. There isn’t much you can’t get done with a credit card these days.

In the end, just know that simply locking your RV doesn’t keep the most valuable things safe inside. So, don’t ever let it be known that there is something of value inside your RV. And choose the safest option for the few valuables that you do have on board.

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