RV Buyer Beware: Here’s What You Should Be Looking For When Buying A Used Motorhome!

The fact of the matter is, the longer a motorhome is parked and unused, the faster its value declines. Top that with the fact that RVs stored in harsher climates — either too hot or too cold; too dry or too snowy & rainy — can be dramatically decrease in value and even become worthless. Here’s what to look for before you buy a used RV motorhome.

RV Towing Tips: 3 Ways To Tow A Car Behind Your Motorhome

There are a number of ways you can tow an extra set of wheels behind your motorhome. Serious thought needs to be given before you decide what type of vehicle will suit your needs best, and which is the best way to tow it. Here are the best options for RVers…

How To Tow A Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

We are planning to tow our 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited behind an RV someday soon. Here’s what we’ve learned about towing four wheels down, and how to shift the transfer case into Neutral.