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The 5th wheel RV trailer is way out in front in popularity when it comes to full time RVing. You do need to be careful hitching up, because dropping a 5th wheel can cause expensive damage.

An equalizer hitch is probably the most important part of towing a travel trailer. That, and how well you properly load the trailer. Here are my best tips for loading and towing RV travel trailers.

Ever have a trailer breakaway from your hitch before? I have. Here's how to properly mount and hook up a fifth wheel hitch on your pickup truck.

Having trouble climbing hills in your motorhome? What about when you're towing something like a car, a boat, or a utility trailer behind the RV? With an auxiliary transmission, you can climb the tallest mountain with ease.

What follows are all the best resources I could find regarding towing with a motorhome. If you've got a question about towing another vehicle or a trailer behind your motorhome, chances are you'll find the answer here.