DIY Electric Brake Controller Instructions: How To Wire Electric Trailer Brakes & Lights Without Damaging Your Car!


For decades, hooking up trailer lights and electric brakes on most cars meant splicing into the wiring harness near the back bumper and just adding the extra load of trailer lights and brakes to the car’s electrical system.However, today’s vehicles are refined to the point that adding a few extra lights can cause fuses to blow, wires to melt, and possibly even lead to total electrical failure.My own experience had me frying the wiring going to the car’s brake light switch like it was a … [Read more...]

RV Living 101: If RV Travel Is Your Passion, There’s Always A Way!


It’s been suggested that I write about what I’m most passionate about. For me, that would be traveling this great country of ours. The U.S.A. has more to see than you could possibly cram into one lifetime.Ideally, most of us would love to leisurely amble about the country in an ultra deluxe motorhome sporting all the luxuries of home. Unless you have CEO printed alongside your name on the plate attached to your office door, this can be a hard goal to reach.By federal income standards, … [Read more...]

3 Must-Have RV Apps: These Make Life On The Road So Much Simpler!


Until recently, I've been of the mindset that my simple little flip Tracfone was all the cell phone I would ever need. I found the minimum 60 minutes airtime every 3 months sufficient for my needs.Paying more than Tracfone’s $7 a month seemed an extravagant waste of money.When I traveled cross country and needed Internet access, I just pulled into the nearest McDonalds. Their free WiFi allowed me access to the Internet using my laptop computer. To make things simpler, I invested in a … [Read more...]

RV Refrigerator Repair 101: How To Diagnose Problems With RV Refrigerators


Most RV owners have little understanding about how the refrigerator works beyond turning it on and switching between gas and electric operation. When the beer feels warm and the butter is melted, then it’s time fill the cooler with ice and make a last ditch effort to save the food.The one thing you need to know is that your RV refrigerator operates completely different from your home refrigerator:There is no compressor pumping Freon through coils. Instead, heat from either an electric … [Read more...]

Avoid An RV Rodent Infestation: How To Keep Mice Away (And Other Rodents Too)


Though we would all prefer to be out traveling and enjoying the RV lifestyle all the time, for most of us that isn’t the case.Our RVs must sit in storage -- often for long periods of time -- especially in the winter.In the northern areas of the country, this can mean in the backyard, surrounded by nature, and with enough snow that creatures will be scurrying around trying to secure a warm spot inside.Mice, squirrels, and other little creatures can do a lot of damage to an RV … [Read more...]

See Why A Diesel Pusher Gives You The Most Bang For Your Buck When Buying A Used Motorhome


Investing in a new motorhome is a pricey proposition.Even entry level RVs start at about $80,000 and can go up well into the millions -- especially when you start talking top-of-the-line models.That said, there is good reason to give used motorhomes some serious consideration.I recently purchased a used diesel pusher myself. It's the one pictured here. Must Read: Pros & Cons of Diesel Pusher Motorhomes   … [Read more...]

How To Replace Your Failed RV Speedometer With A GPS Speedometer


Buying an older RV means, if you’re lucky, most of the important systems still work.Expecting every little item to be in perfect condition is probably being a bit unrealistic.Such is the case with the 20-year-old diesel pusher RV I recently purchased. Overall, with about 75,000 miles on the chassis, it’s really in the prime of its life.One of the items that’s no longer functioning is the digital readout odometer.  … [Read more...]

The Ultimate RV Camping Checklist: Don’t Forget To Do These Things Before You Leave Camp!


We all forget sometimes.How many times have you seen a motorhome traveling down the highway with the TV antenna sticking straight up like a periscope scanning the horizon?Have you ever seen an RVer motoring down the road, oblivious to the fact that the hose from the waste water tank is wildly dangling in the road behind the RV?We've all been there -- to some degree. The goal is to avoid being there more than once!Since there are so many important things that an RVer must do … [Read more...]